The Door

Jesus is the Way

The Hierarchy of God
In this age of technology, we’ve all grown up watching the chaos of man unfold on a screen, whether in a movie or in a news report, while remaining largely spectators. The problems seems so great, we wonder where and how we, or someone else, could really change things.

Our country’s leaders and its citizens throw tantrums and insults at each other in the political and social realms. Music, sports, and TV stars command high salaries, while sinking to new depths in behavior. Violent crimes and terrorism are rampant. Many of the world’s leaders and their citizens hurl bombs, and bullets, and even poison gas on their enemies, and sometimes, on their own citizens. Oh, the depths of man’s depravity! Oh, how far we have strayed!

Why so much turmoil? And where may some solutions be found?

I believe the answer to the first question is that man has forgotten his Creator and, therefore, has no real clue as to the purpose for his life. Our desire to rebel (sin) has broken our fellowship with God, and separated us from His guidance, opening up the floodgates of evil, corrupting this mortal existence.

As to the second question, I looked to the Bible, a book that made sense to me, once I had read it. If we look at the principles of operation shown there, we find that the first foundation for living given to man was a relationship to Our Heavenly Father. Each evening Adam and God walked in fellowship together in the cool of the day. (Genesis 3) The second foundation God provided in His plan for society was that of marriage (two becoming one). The third societal foundation, parenthood, followed from the second.

In this, the foundational hierarchy, God is in fellowship with man. From this base can spring relationships among mankind which have their basis in integrity. And together, these relationships of adults can become models for children of that first relationship: God and man in loving fellowship with one another.

A Personal Decision

I have chosen to put my faith in my Creator and His solution: His Son, Jesus (Y’shua Ha Machiach), as the Savior and Redeemer of this truly lost world. Through my believing in Him, confessing all my willful disobedience (sin), and accepting His free (impossible to be earned or deserved) gift of the salvation of my soul, I have actually experienced the sweetness and power of an actual two-way relationship with God.

This fellowship between a supernatural God and mortal man is made possible, I believe (and the Bible teaches), by way of the sacrifice of the Son of God, Jesus, the Anointed One, and by the consequent indwelling of the person of the Holy Spirit, Who is given to all who accept their guilt and receive the benefits of the sacrifice made for their sin.

And now I believe this Holy Spirit is present within me, to guide me, by faith, through this life, by revealing to me how to walk in fellowship with God and my fellow man, until I am called home to live in eternal fellowship, with the One Who created me, because He truly wanted to love me! I believe I am enriched in all other relationships and doings in my life as a result of this fellowship with God.

I believe this is the wondrous plan God offers to man. And we are free to take it or leave it!

20131101-094728.jpg20131101-094745.jpgFor more beautiful poetry by this author of Songs of the Beloved:

YES, Jesus Loves Me!

(Original artwork by Regina Plimpton Quinn Copyright 2012)

God is Not Mad at You

You Are Greatly Beloved!


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