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What Children and Animals Can Teach Us

Children can teach us how to love freely.  Animals are often quite accepting of those very different from themselves.   Baby humans AND baby animals have great value!    Dogs can teach us about unconditional love and forgiveness.    Even animals know that bonding with someone else makes life worth living. Both children AND animals know […]

Insomni-Critters 3

When I can’t sleep at night, one of the things I do is Google “funny animals.” Then, I stare very purposefully at each image, waiting for a caption to just pop into my sleepy head. Some end up being quite clever. Some, not so much! Lol But, at least you have a flimsy excuse for […]

Insomni-Critters 2

You May Be Killing Your Beloved Pet

We once had a beautiful Sheltie named Lassie. She was, by far, the smartest and most amiable dog I’ve ever had the privilege to know. One day, when my daughter took Lassie outside to do her “business,” she noticed that Lassie was limping on one of her front paws, every now and then. She called […]