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Critter Circus 6


Insomni-Critters 4

         Night Owl                        Pooped Panda                       

Insomni-Cats 5

Insomni-Cats 4

Insomni-Critters 2

The Bond Between Children and Animals

Our loving God created companions for us, with personalities…and completely unfeigned affections… . Their fur and feathers, purrs whinnies, yips and coos, soothe and comfort us, deep within our loneliest recesses. And their unconditional love mirrors to us the love of God! Music hath charms to soothe… Lost in thought, with a friend Ah, girls […]

Insomni-Cats 3

Captions are original. Photos are not. Gina Quinn Medicine Woman + acute insomnia = cute Insomni-Cats!