Floral Fantasies

One bright day, as I was driving innocently down the street, a beautiful flowering bush fairly leaped into my unsuspecting view. I made a bee-line (a mis-nomer, since most self-respecting bees would have sped toward this voluminous spectacle of pink buds and white flowers cascading all over the place), parked at the curb, and I practically ran across the city street, trusty iPhone camera in hand. I surreptitiously snapped a dozen pics or so, then bent quickly down, snatched up a couple of fallen (abandoned?) seed pods, and ran for my life, er… I mean, my car. I sped away, never daring even once to glance into my rearview mirror, lest I see the imaginarily irate property owner shaking his or her imaginarily clenched fists at me, while taking mental note of my license number for the State police or the Department of Homeland Security. Later that night, when I couldn’t fall asleep (guilt-plagued?), I experimented with Sketch Guru. (First 2 pics)
A couple of days later, I noticed a big bloom on my hibiscus bush, beaming its pretty face toward the rising sun, outside my kitchen window. Late that night, I couldn’t resist the urge to again work with my images using Sketch Guru.









Next, are a few non-original photos that I experimented with.







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