Cats, and Cats, and Cats Galore! Cats, and Cats, and Cats, Some More!

Being a life-long insomniac (from the moment of conception!), I have too much free, uninterrupted time on my hands! Very late one night, I happened upon some new photo-editing apps in …(wait for it!)…the App Store, and my creative side went berserk in the wee hours! Cats began to multiply! So, since my iPhone’s Photo Stream has swelled to over 1,000 pics—and threatens to wipe out its remaining storage capacity—I decided I’d better upload a few of these rapidly-multiplying critters!

20131019-060123.jpgTechnicolor Dream Cat


20131019-060600.jpgGarden Variety Cat

20131019-060744.jpgTorso (background) with reclining Buttons (author’s feral feline)

20131019-062409.jpgCats in the Woods


20131019-063223.jpgCats in the Woods II

20131019-063404.jpgCat up a Tree with Onlookers


20131019-064645.jpgTechnicolor Stalking Cat


20131019-065551.jpgWonder Cat (Doesn’t he really look like he’s wondering about SOMEthing!)

20131019-070115.jpgWistful Whiskers

20131019-070301.jpgTechnicolor Tufts of Fur


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