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From Prom Queen to Victim of Sexual Trafficking

I was appalled to learn the statistics about sexual trafficking, in the following Facebook post. (Please take the time to read it before continuing.) I didn’t realize until after reading this post, at age 68, that I was once actually trafficked, at the age of 17. After being sexually abused since age 12, by […]

Hope for Healing in the Christian Marriage After Infidelity

How blessed we are, as Christians, to have the Lord to walk with us through such a difficult situation as the infidelity of one or both partners in a marriage. I once heard a very enlightening and hope-filled Christian radio program, in which a man had shared how he had found release from his addiction […]

Is it Still Abuse if…? (PG-13)

In my personal experience as one who was sexually abused, I experienced inappropriate touching only. There are some, even in my own family, who would consider this not to be as serious an assault as a completed act of intercourse. They would be wrong. The physical act of stimulation awakened sexuality in me for the […]