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I’m So Glad I Grew Up with Animals

“Happy birthday to you.  Happy birthday to you. You look like a blah-blah… And you smell like one, too!” I remember hearing and singing this ditty as a young child with my friends, then, laughing and chasing each other around in fun. The ironic thing is, I probably did often smell like some kind of […]

Can I Have One, Please!

Many parents have heard the urgent pleadings of their children, who have become ecstatic, in the blissful hopes of having a pet of their very own, to love and cherish. No thoughts of emptying clumps from dirty litter boxes, nor of bathing a muddy pooch, nor even of mucking out a smelly stall, can mar […]

It’s an OCC-OCC-OCD World! (August 2014)

August 19, 2014. Well, surprise! Surprise! We got to go on another vacation! My husband had some vacation time that he needed to use, before his anniversary date. So, away we went! This time, however, although it was only for 4 nights, it turned out to be one of the best adventures I could have […]

It’s an OCC-OCC-OCD World! (June 2014)

June 15, 2014. Well, we finally got to get away for a vacation, but since I’ve procrastinated about getting a passport, my husband and I couldn’t go on a cruise this time out. Instead, we opted for a car vacation, traveling East from Louisiana, due to the recent wildfires in the Southwest: Panama City, Florida; […]

The Bond Between Children and Animals

Our loving God created companions for us, with personalities…and completely unfeigned affections… . Their fur and feathers, purrs whinnies, yips and coos, soothe and comfort us, deep within our loneliest recesses. And their unconditional love mirrors to us the love of God! Music hath charms to soothe… Lost in thought, with a friend Ah, girls […]

The Housework Blues

Mom’s Lame Memes

Having operated computers since the early nineties, I considered myself, at 62, to be fairly proficient. However, my first introduction to memes was through my grown, and very tech-savvy daughter. I had often heard her use that term, and finally asked her one day what it meant. After giving me a simple explanation, she then […]

How to Pass College Algebra with a Third Grade Math Education

My Daughter’s Number Nightmare “Picture it,” as Sophia (of the late 80’s-early 90’s sitcom, The Golden Girls) would say. College Algebra, first semester Freshmen year, first day. Shiny new textbook, crisp new college-ruled notebook, graph paper tablet, engineering calculator, and a 12-pack of multi-colored 0.7 mm mechanical pencils. I’m ready to go!  Of course, I’ll have […]

Dancing to an Earthquake

The day after we arrived in the small Indiana town where I would graduate from high school, turned out to be memorable, in a semi-catastrophic sort of way. It was a Saturday, and my two younger sisters and I had been listening to American Bandstand, rating songs along with the show’s guests. It was 1968, […]

Riding Thunder Like My Native American Ancestors

When I was eighteen, I used to visit my younger sister and her husband out in the “bottoms,” on breaks from the nearby college where I was attending on a full art scholarship. “Bottoms,” as in river bottoms, was the term used to describe the lowlands near the Ohio River, outside the small Indiana town, […]

Unpleasant Pheasant

When I was 10 years old, my mom & dad were separated, and my mom and us kids went to stay with my cousins and my aunt & uncle for awhile. It was a very traumatic time, as you might imagine. I worshipped my dad and missed him terribly. I had always tried to win […]

Sneaking Jello

I came from a big family: four parents in all (counting “steps”), and seven children (none ever counted as “halfs” in my mind or heart). The point is, we had quite a few mouths to feed. So, whenever there was something to eat, it had to be divided up into multiple portions. We usually had […]

How I Taught My 6 Year Old to Swim in One Afternoon, While I Kept High and Dry!

Have you ever tried to get your young child to enjoy spending time in the water? Reactions can be varied, with some children taking to it almost immediately—splashing and laughing, they cry when they have to get out. Others respond to being placed in the water by screaming and struggling, desperate for escape. Well, one […]