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“I Don’t Wanna be Shot on Sight!”

Cell Phone Video Refutes Cops’ Version of Fatal Shooting (Click on the link to watch video.) IT HAS HAPPENED AGAIN!!! I am a white, Anglo-Saxon charismatic Christian senior woman, who, until now, NEVER really felt what it’s like to be a minority citizen in America… specifically, a Black American. After watching this shocking video, I […]

The Brotherhood of Christians, Jews and Muslims

What many don’t realize is that Christians, Jews and Muslims are all brothers, created by the one true God and father of us all. The Muslims are descendants of Abraham’s first-born son, Ishmael, the child born of Abraham’s extra-marital union with Hagar, who stood in for Abraham’s previously-barren wife, Sarah. The Jews are descendants of […]

On Ridiculing Our Leaders . . .

The Government We Deserve Many people, Christian and otherwise, are disgusted with the current state of our government, local, state and federal alike. Too many elected officials are often pompous, conniving and self-serving. Corruption, greed, moral debauchery and the stubborn refusals to negotiate, which characterize our legislative bodies today, have led to a very disillusioned […]