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The sacrifice of Abraham

Don’t Say Farewell to Welfare

The current population of the United States (2016) was 324,118,787. If those figures are correct, then 46 million is roughly 14.2% of the men, women, and children that make up the current population. If you subtract the 4.7% unemployed (those filing unemployment claims BASED ON THEIR WORK), that leaves 9.5%, presumed to be disabled, indigent, elderly, including […]

Rosh Hashanah and the Mourning of Muharram

The Brotherhood of Man I have written in the past, concerning my understanding of the shared ancestry of Jews, Christians and Muslims (Arab) through Abraham, as described in the Bible. On Monday, I posted about the significance of Rosh Hashanah for Christians.  This morning, I noticed that one of my calendars showed Rosh Hashanah and a Muslim […]

Carson versus Trump

I have noticed that many Americans today are enthralled with the sharp-tongued boastings of golden boy, Donald Trump. He seems to have an answer for everything and everyone.  But, this brash and flashy billionaire doesn’t impress me. On the contrary, Mr. Trump’s empty, but emphatic, rhetoric rivals that of the notorious snake oil salesmen of […]

It’s an OCC-OCC-OCD World! (November 2014)

Thursday, November 20, 2014. I’m watching the sun come up again! I’ve been up all night again! My poor, faithful cat, Buttons, is waiting patiently for me to exhaust myself and drop into bed. You’ll notice that I have on my snowflake pajamas, in honor of the temperature dropping to 29 degrees yesterday. Today, it’s […]

Normandy Remembered

One of THE best things I have ever seen!!! Boy on the Beach at Normandy Video (Click the link to view the video.) This father did an amazing job of teaching his son about our great and sacrificial heritage. (This is far different from our current [and selfish] “no boots on the ground” stance regarding […]

Children of War

Ah, the sweetness of children! A tiny boy stands at attention, waiting politely for food, then spontaneously gives a sweet, innocent hug of gratitude, and gently pats the hand of another onlooking soldier. Oh, that the purity of heart of the children, and of the soldier who gave away his bread to these little ones, […]

“I Don’t Wanna be Shot on Sight!”

Cell Phone Video Refutes Cops’ Version of Fatal Shooting (Click on the link to watch video.) IT HAS HAPPENED AGAIN!!! I am a white, Anglo-Saxon charismatic Christian senior woman, who, until now, NEVER really felt what it’s like to be a minority citizen in America… specifically, a Black American. After watching this shocking video, I […]

The Brotherhood of Christians, Jews and Muslims

What many don’t realize is that Christians, Jews and Muslims are all brothers, created by the one true God and father of us all. The Muslims are descendants of Abraham’s first-born son, Ishmael, the child born of Abraham’s extra-marital union with Hagar, who stood in for Abraham’s previously-barren wife, Sarah. The Jews are descendants of […]

On Ridiculing Our Leaders . . .

The Government We Deserve Many people, Christian and otherwise, are disgusted with the current state of our government, local, state and federal alike. Too many elected officials are often pompous, conniving and self-serving. Corruption, greed, moral debauchery and the stubborn refusals to negotiate, which characterize our legislative bodies today, have led to a very disillusioned […]