Cat Co-conspirators

Here are Buttons and Tiny, who are always willing to pose for “the mad app-aholic!”


20131027-084206.jpgButtons (feral neutered male)

20131027-084446.jpgTiny (feral spayed female)

20131027-084752.jpgCat-napping Insomnicats (keep me company, in shifts, during my long insomni-nights!)

20131029-005005.jpgButtons Peers Coldly at Tiny (who’s “hiding” in a bottled water carton)

Tiny (playing “You Can’t Find Me”)20131117-054728.jpg
I found Buttons, my neutered male, sitting in the dark on my bathroom counter. (Using his “night-vision” to admire himself in the mirror, perhaps?). Notice how he sits, with front leg “elbow” resting on his back leg “knee!”

20131117-061347.jpgButtons (front and profile views)

One comment

  1. Your cats are gorgeous! I bet they take after your daughter. ;D


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