Acidophilus has been one of my favorite supplements, since I read a book called The Yeast Connection, by William Crook, MD.

It is available as capsules, chewable tablets, and in liquid form–all of which MUST BE REFRIGERATED after opening. I have taken it daily for nearly 40 years, after I read that acidophilus helps to restore the balance of beneficial bacteria in one’s system, following a round of antibiotics.

I learned that when we take antibiotics, they don’t just knock out the bad bacteria; they also kill off the good bacteria in our system, which allows yeast bacteria to multiply, and to overpower our systems. The resulting imbalance of good versus bad bacteria can then result in such unwelcome intrusions as: pelvic infections, earaches, upset stomachs, and worse.

(Some research I ran across even suggested that many allergies, some psychiatric conditions, various digestive disorders [such as irritable bowels, constipation, etc.], and even, possibly, our pain levels, might all be the results of an internal imbalance, which this supplement helps to restore.)

Taking acidophilus daily has, for the most part, helped me to pretty much avoid many of the problems mentioned above. However, after a rollover car accident, and the resulting 3 back surgeries, I found myself being prescribed several types of medicine. So, due to expense and convenience, I got out of the habit of buying and taking my trusted supplement a couple of years ago. And those of you who know me will attest to the fact that I have paid the price by having some horrible earaches of late.

So, it’s back to my trusty acidophilus again! And, I recommend it to everyone I know as a standard, basic, and very important supplement for your overall health.

Note: This supplement should not interfere with your other medications, and could possibly even correct the condition(s) for which you are taking it/them!

(Legal Disclaimer: I am NOT a medical practitioner of any kind, and the above represents my personal, non-professional opinions only! Always check with your doctor before taking any medications or supplements. And don’t be afraid to do your own research, AND to seek a second, or even a third, opinion!)

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