About the Author

20131002-014629.jpgThe author, Regina Plimpton Quinn
(Aka: “ERGina”; “Gina Quinn, Medicine Woman”)

20131028-023947.jpgUnder an old oak tree draped in Spanish moss, in Louisiana.
(I had a comma after “tree,” but I thought that it made the phrase sound like it meant that I was the one draped in the Spanish moss!)

20131027-130217.jpg“Infamous” — as in “not famous”!
(Remember the “infamous” scene of Marilyn Monroe, in the movie, The Seven Year Itch, in which she steps over an air vent to cool herself, and her dress swirls up and out? This pic makes you think of that scene right away, doesn’t it?)

I am a 62 year old retired school teacher, life-long artist, and non-professional writer, with an iPhone and lots of time, due to the fact that I suffer from insomnia! At first, I began with Facebook participation, and soon found that I seemed to have something to say about just about everything, from religion to politics. Then, I discovered, to my surprise, that I also had a sense of humor.

As I began to fall into the peculiar, but common malady of “App-Download Fever,” my Photo Stream & Albums began to expand at an alarming rate, with the memes and art I began creating. So, I started a blog to have a semi-permanent place to share my opinions, as well as my rapidly-multiplying artistic creations.

Places I’ve Lived So Far: MA, RI, IN, AZ, TX, LA

Positions (in chronological order): babysitter (being the oldest in a large family gave me “experience”), egg-candler (& self-taught egg-candling machine mechanic) on a chicken farm, bowling alley snack bar waitress & fry-cook, free-lance sign artist, grocery store checker, holiday gift-wrapper, volunteer macrame & art instructor for an inner-city outreach program, high school & adult art & English teacher, vacation condo cleaner, needlepoint artist, sitter for the elderly, grocery store floral clerk & checker, teacher certification specialist, chemical lab tester at a plastics plant, commercial sign artist, K-12 special education teacher (learning & behavior difficulties), workforce development specialist, unemployment claims specialist, diner waitress (& self-taught breakfast & seafood restaurant cook, when the one on my shift walked off the job), free-lance logo & publications designer, another commercial sign position (where I lost the last nuckle of my left index finger in a metal sign shear), more free-lance work, & finally another stint as a restaurant waitress! Phew!

Life Experiences(For details, see my Home page topics and autobiographical posts, so you can get some idea as to how I became a late-blooming blogger!)

About Gina Quinn, Medicine Woman (the blog)

There are pages (in alphabetical order) on a variety of subjects:
Cats (digital art/ memes/ photos)
Cooking (humor/ menu ideas/ recipes/ photos)
Family Fun (cartoons/ memes)
Fish (digital art)
Flowers (digital art)
Health and Nutrition
Horses (digital art)
Life in a Dysfunctional Family
Mental Health and Dysfunction
Modern Society
Religion and “The Search for God”
Sexual Abuse
Trees (digital art)

As I began to work on the bio for my blog, I attempted to list a few of the significant events of my life that I believed had influenced my art, writing and particular viewpoints. Suddenly, stories began pouring out of me in astonishingly vivid detail.

Little vignettes like, “How I Broke My Nose and Found God”, “Two Girls Face Two Whole Gangs and Come Out on Top”, and “Eating Shredded Wheat Won’t Make You into a Boy”, seemed to come alive in my mind and on paper. And I seemed to be able to recall and retell the events through the eyes of the child I was when I experienced them.

I also discovered that a theme was unfolding: “The Search for God,” an endeavor that has been interwoven throughout nearly all of my life experiences.

If you are an atheist or agnostic, don’t despair or disparage: I won’t be preaching, just sharing my own experiences with an evolving consciousness.

I hope the majority of those who stumble upon my blog will find something of interest, import, or amusement.

Enjoy, and feel free to share with your friends!

Note: Some images are sourced from the internet and are in the public domain. I claim no credit for any images featured on this site, unless otherwise noted. All visual content is copyright to the respective owners. If you own rights to any of the images or videos, and do not wish them to appear on this site, please contact me and they will be promptly removed.

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