It’s an OCC-OCC-OCD World! (December 2015)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015.  I haven’t posted an update in a couple of months, perhaps because three deaths in the family occurred recently. And, while the passing of these three individuals, my youngest sister, one of my brothers-in-law, and the mother of a different brother-in-law, I would like to share the beautiful way that God is restoring my soul from the sense of loss which has accompanied their absences.

As I walked outside this morning, I decided to pick up some branches and twigs, that had fallen during a heavy rainstorm over the weekend. The surprising beauty on one branch fragment almost went unnoticed. But, once it caught my eye, I began to notice a whole “slew” (as we say in the South) of beautiful surprises, in my December southern Louisiana front yard.

 God makes all things beautiful, including this lichen and tree fungus. The light-green lichen is just “catchin’ some rays!” (It’s not a parasitic plant.) The tree fungus, however, is feeding from (and helping to break down) a decaying piece of a branch, in order to restore the soil!

  This heather plant didn’t do well all summer.  I think that’s probably due to the drought conditions we experienced. Now, in December, following some record rainfalls, it’s just popping out with splendor!

   A bloom from my Mexican Heather plant defies the fire ant mount in the rear.

 My Mexican heather had trouble blooming all summer. Not so now!

  Not sure what this is called (Crocus, or Snow Lily?), but it is beautiful, just the same!


  Again, no idea what these are called either—not even a clue. “A [mystery plant] by any other name, would smell (or look) as sweet!”

  Early morning Clover, not yet opened for the day!

My brooding and sorrowful soul just couldn’t help but be uplifted, when my eyes were opened to the silent beauty of God’s Creation, displayed in such simple splendor, in my unkempt winter yard.

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