A Word for Those Who Lay Awake at Night Wondering What Tomorrow May Bring

Every day, programs on TV, radio, and electronic media-feeds bombard us with news of the latest threats and attacks, both foreign and domestic. The stock market surges and crashes. And the weather seems to grow more intense with each passing season. We might even be experiencing difficult relational situations at home or at work.

Today’s news of the latest catastrophes is more than enough to disquiet us. Yet, we don’t have to go to bed each night, only to lay awake fretting over what might (or might not) happen next.

Someone gave me this advice, once. “Give it to God. He stays up all night!”

If you happen to wake up during the night, and worries try to attack you again, try opening a Bible, if you are fortunate enough to own one. Open it to the Psalms, and just begin reading. 
I’ve relied on this Word for over 52 years, and I can highly recommend it as an antidote to fear.


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