Carson versus Trump

I have noticed that many Americans today are enthralled with the sharp-tongued boastings of golden boy, Donald Trump. He seems to have an answer for everything and everyone. 

But, this brash and flashy billionaire doesn’t impress me. On the contrary, Mr. Trump’s empty, but emphatic, rhetoric rivals that of the notorious snake oil salesmen of a bygone era. “If you have an ailment, I hold the cure!”


My clear choice for President of the United States is Dr. Ben Carson, a man who possesses two qualities that seem to seldom, if ever, go hand-in-hand in Washington these: intellect and integrity. You can read about his astonishing life of accomplishment here.

Biography of Dr. Ben Carson. 

The following original messages illustrate my opinions and concerns for the upcoming Presidential debates and election. (Photos are not original, and remain the property of their respective owners.)



Use your vote wisely. Mine will be for Dr. Ben Carson.

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