It’s an OCC-OCC-OCD World! (July 2015)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015. I found this frightening picture online, but immediately, a humorous caption sprang into my head!


Don’t blame me for finding the obvious outrageously funny. I’ve only slept three hours in two days! The reason: pure pain from intense itching.

You see, I’ve been the victim of a vicious, three-pronged attack: mosquitos, chiggers and red fire ants! Yaah!!! Then, I got too hot while trying to sleep, and all the bites started itching at once. So, I was up all night, Again!!!!


And, eating lots of garlic doesn’t appear to repel these Louisiana Bayou critters. On the contrary, it seems to ATTRACT them! If I’m not mistaken, I think I even heard one whisper hoarsely between bites, “Got any Tobasco ta go wid dat?”

Now, to top it all off, my faithful cat, Buttons, also bit me, half on purpose (to get me to play with him), and half by accident (when I pulled my forearm out of his mouth too quickly). I guess this has become “Bite on ole Gina Week!” Ugh! :/

Thursday, July 16, 2015. Since I’ve only slept 12 hours in the last 3 days, I’ve had somewhat of a revelation: having OCD results in sleeplessness, which results in even more OCD behavior! A vicious cycle! 


I happened to get into my Pinterest account, and started downloading so many pictures to my already-overloaded iPad, that I’m afraid it might spontaneously combust or something! My “Usage” category in “Settings” has been stuck on “zero bytes” on my poor 16-gig iPad for so long, that I’m surprised that it hasn’t locked up completely. 

I’ve managed to whittle down the number of pictures on my device to a mere 1769 (from over 2,000). But, I just can’t seem to stem the tide. One picture leads to a meme—but then, I decide to keep the original—just in case I get another caption idea! So, it’s become a pretty-much “tie game”: Uploads-3, Downloads-3, with “Reserve” players and “Pinch-hitters” stacking up like gators on the bayou. 

And, ever since the day I first discovered downloading, over 20 years ago, it still feels like I’m giving myself a free shopping spree. I just love it! And, the “high” that I get from it keeps me too excited to sleep, which gives me more time to download pics! 

One problem, though, is that I am writing a book with someone else, and the lack of sleep makes it hard to have the concentration and energy that I need to apply to that important task. But, keeping busy with light mental exercise is one way that I try to exhaust myself for sleep. Only sometimes, it has the opposite effect, and energizes  me, instead!

Friday, July 17, 2015. Thirty-four years ago today, at 8:03 pm, at Good Samaritan Hospital, in Phoenix, Arizona, I gave birth to my first child, a perfect little baby girl, at 6 pounds even. Later today, I will be calling her in South Carolina, to wish her a Happy Birthday. 

“Darlin,’ I love you very much, and I’m so proud of you! God bless you, Sweetheart!”

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