Turbulent Times Made Worse by Irresponsible, Slanted Media Reporting

Turbulent Times Made Worse by Irresponsible Media Reporting

I have watched Scott Pelley’s commercial for CBS News, asking, “Is it right? Is it fair? Is it honest?” for months, and I have finally decided to locate this article that I had started this past summer, because I have become more incensed over time, with the blatant falsity and hypocrisy of his statements.

Pelley goes on to explain that CBS gets their “facts” from their “original” sources, whom he explains are the people who “know,” which CBS often demonstrates are NOT necessarily the people INVOLVED on both sides of an issue or series of events.

The next clip is the NBC News logo, which brags: “The ‘real’ news”

I find these assurances irritating, hollow, meaningless, and downright false.

During last summer’s Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Lauren Lyster introduced a rebroadcast segment of Sunday’s Face the Nation, with a list of some of the conflicts that were then occurring:

Syrian civil war,
rise of a terror army in Iraq,
“biggest standoff between the U.S. and Russia, since the Cold War,”
America’s on-going war in Afghanistan, and
Israel’s invasion of Gaza

Later, in another segment of that Face the Nation episode, featuring Bob Sheiffer, interviewing former Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, regarding how the turbulence of the times compares with the past, she stated matter-of-factly, “There is not an understanding of all the various pieces of the news that come in to us.” I don’t believe I’m mistaken that was she calling us citizen viewers “ignorant!” And, CBS capitalizes on ignorance, or gullibility, whenever possible.

In a segment of CBS News, Barry Peterson, when interviewing a journalist from Gaza, introduced his segment by saying, “Often caught in the middle; the first thing you notice are the children, who don’t know when to duck or how to run.

“Sometimes before shelling, the Israelis pepper the area with white smoke to warn what is coming. And other times, the strikes land without warning. So, jangled nerves have made [the Gazan journalist Peterson was interviewing for the segment] hyper-vigilant, like hitting the ground when a rocket is fired OUT!” (And, you hear the sizzle of a rocket taking off FROM GAZA heading TOWARD ISRAEL!!! The Palestinians continuously violated cease-fire agreements.)

He then showed the idyllic pink house of the Gazan journalist, along with the house of his sister, which were later hit by a rocket, leaving nothing but craters in the ground.

[Close-up of the Gazan journalist]
“And, I was asking my wife, ‘Why?’ ”

Why indeed!

How did this journalist (who produces propaganda favorable to the Palestinians’ cause) and his wife and sister, survive such an attack, while children and other civilians there in Gaza did not? Perhaps, because when THE ISRAELIS WARNED OF AN INTENDED ATTACK IN THE AREA, the journalist and his family were warned by Hamas to leave their homes, while civilians, including innocent children, were either NOT warned by their leaders, or were NOT PERMITTED TO EVACUATE, to provide human shields, as fodder for the cause of Hamas.

The segment was intended to elicit anti-Semitic sentiments, pure and simple. NOTHING WAS MENTIONED about the 12 years of daily shelling of Israel by Hamas, which Israel WAS FORCED TO CONFRONT.

So much for (or little of) fairness!

Hamas: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamas

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