“I Don’t Wanna be Shot on Sight!”

Cell Phone Video Refutes Cops’ Version of Fatal Shooting (Click on the link to watch video.) IMG_3363.PNGIT HAS HAPPENED AGAIN!!! I am a white, Anglo-Saxon charismatic Christian senior woman, who, until now, NEVER really felt what it’s like to be a minority citizen in America… specifically, a Black American. After watching this shocking video, I am afraid. And I am sickened that this is the fabric of their everyday life! THIS CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE!

I believe some drastic measures need to begin IMMEDIATELY:

1.) “Respect for Others” and “Respect for Life” in ALL it’s forms, needs to become the national agenda. Respect for yourself, respect for your parent(s), respect for siblings, playmates, pets, respect for authority (parents, teachers, laws, our country, law enforcement), the handicapped, veterans, store personnel, restaurant personnel, and even the bum on the street (respect for a human being). Both law enforcement, and ALL the citizens they’re sworn to PROTECT, would benefit.

2.) Even more emphasis on police/community relations activities, from citizen suggestions, not just from administrative perspectives.

3.) More comprehensive training of law enforcement throughout the country, on the INCREMENTAL diffusion of citizen/officer and suicide-by-cop encounters. There was no effort made to try to talk the man down. “Containment and delay” can sometimes help to diffuse a crisis (with an adrenaline-provoked or psychotic episode).

4. ) Neighborhoods gang up on gangs. Others have done it. Neighborhoods of individuals can come together to FIGHT crime and gang activity. To do nothing about these societal evils can only result in chaos.
Fighting Crime Together
Saginaw Fights Back
Learn to Recognize Gang Members or Gang Activity

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to DO NOTHING.” (Edmund Burke)

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