Educating for Excellence (What Some Schools and Individuals are Doing Right)

As a former special education, and high school art and English teacher, I developed quite a few opinions as to what constitutes good teaching practices. And many people, from “experts” to parents (also “experts”), are of the opinion that many of the changes that have occurred, over the last several decades in our educational system, have not been for the better. I happen to agree.

However, I have decided to begin collecting examples of some of what I consider to be outstanding accomplishments of both educators (including parents, children’s first educators) and their students. My plan is to develop quite an exhaustive list of examples and their links, in hopes of creating a practical and centralized resource, for anyone interested in educating our children for excellence.

(Please feel free to include suggested links in your comments which you believe would be of benefit to this endeavor.)

An Excellent School
Avon High School Lip Dub 201420140417-045638.jpg(Check out the School’s Website)

An Excellent Student
Middle School Student’s Science Project Could Save the Federal Government $136 Million Annually

An Excellent Resource
Journal of Emerging Investigators A Research Resource for Middle and High School Students

An Excellent Teacher
Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things by Erin Gruwell

An Excellent Non-Traditional Program
Our House Program20140502-045132.jpg

An Elementary Student’s Excellent Idea
The Buddy Bench


Two Teachers’ Excellent Idea a Leads to a Partnership with Expectations for Student Excellence
The Accelerated School of Los Angeles Placing high expectations on students fosters success. This year, 100% of graduating high school students were accepted into college. For more information: Schools That Can and Wells Fargo Education Partnership Blog

Success StoryIMG_3294.PNG

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