It’s an OCC-OCC-OCD World! (July 2014)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014. This has been a month for wildfires and bad weather throughout much of the country, with high winds, torrential rains, and even some tornados. And this week, an arctic cold front has dropped temperatures in the upper Midwest into the 40’s! Here in Louisiana, it’s a mild 74 degrees, after a cold front brought 2 inches of rain three days ago.

For me, it has been a long month of struggling with insomnia: keeping lonely vigil over my household as everyone else sleeps blissfully; then, sleeping throughout most of the following day. I’ve put off appointments and phone calls, and dropped completely out of my very limited social circle. (Actually, it’s not really even big enough to form a circle, as I’m down to two very close friends. So that, technically, makes it a triangle!)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014. This month hasn’t been all bad, though. Several really nice things happened as well. First, a false witness was suddenly retracted, after going on for several years, bringing great relief. I pray that God brings an overall attitude of forgiveness, and “restores the years that the locust has eaten,” to all parties involved. But, I realize that it will take some time.

Next, part of some money I had loaned out several months ago was unexpectedly returned to me, which was another nice surprise. Although it wasn’t all of what’s owed, I think I’ll call the rest of it a “gift,” to release that person and myself from any further burden.

Then, there were two re-dedications this month. The first was my nephew’s and his wife’s ten-year re-dedication of their marriage vows. It was a beautiful ceremony at a mansion, loaned to the couple for the occasion, with, of all things, a pool party afterwards! It was great fun! One of the guests even had a birthday that day to celebrate.

That same weekend, the couple’s two oldest children and a nephew were all baptized, following their week at Vacation Bible School, at a local Pentecostal church. And, during that great event, their grandfather, the eldest of my three brothers, chose to re-dedicate his life to God at the same service, and was also baptized with them!

As the month draws to a close, travel is on the agenda, but not for me this time. The brother who was baptized went to Indiana, to visit our other siblings, leaving me as the only one left here in the South, out of six. But, before he left, he challenged me to make some phone calls I’d been putting off:
1.) calling the electric company to get after them to replace a neutral (or “ground”) wire that’s been missing for almost two years. (Talk about procrastination! I had called about it three or four times, with no result, and kept forgetting, until a lightening storm would arrive, when, of course, they were always too busy. Then, I’d neglect—or simply put off—making a follow-up call later!) So now, we have a date of August 4th for repairs! Yay! (I hope they mean August of 2014!)
2.) calling about my missing-in-action trash can. Missing for about two weeks, I couldn’t imagine why anyone would steal my badly-damaged can. I’d assumed that the trash collection service had simply picked up the old to bring in the new. I’d been living in the wish-upon-a-star la-la land of hopefulness that a replacement would somehow magically appear, by the next trash pick-up day, or the next, or surely, the next! But, since trash was literally piling up by the minute, when my brother came for a visit, he spurred me on into making the multiple calls necessary to track down whoever was responsible for bringing out replacements. After being unable to locate anything about a replacement being scheduled, the representative set me up to received one, saying that I might end up with two cans, if one had already been scheduled. He said to expect delivery “in the next 48 hours to five business days.” That would be great! But, that was two weeks ago, and still no can!

The second travel adventure is my daughter’s trip to Austin, TX, for a Tori Amos concert. She’s meeting some friends, and has an entire week of activities planned, including a haunted tour of the city. Not my cup of tea, to be sure! Yet, I wonder if she’ll see the “Ghost of Trash Cans Past” floating through the city, on the way to the Never-Never Landfill! And, while I’m at it, I hope she’ll also be on the look-out for the “Ghost of Trash Cans Future,” because I still haven’t seen any at all!

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