Signs That God Exists

Whether or not to believe in the existence of God (YHWH, pron. Jehovah) is a very personal decision. In my case, I was introduced to the concept of entering into a personal relationship with the God of the Bible, through what was described to me as a process of reconciliation. God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem mankind who had separated himself from God through sin. Jesus left His deity behind, to experience a sinless human life, then shed His Blood on the Cross at Calvary, as full and complete payment for the sins of fallen man.

By confessing our sins, we make a decision to enter into covenant relationship with God, by accepting the sacrifice of the spotless Blood of Jesus (Yeshua), as the only acceptable payment for our sin. We become spiritually “born again,” made a new creation, and have access to the very throne room of God, through His Word (Holy Bible), and by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I believe all of that. At a young age, my soul searched for God, and I found Him. The Holy Spirit convicted me that I was a sinner in need of salvation, I repented and asked Jesus to come into my heart, to be Lord of my life. Suddenly, I wanted to, and could, read the Bible with understanding. Life became exciting for me, as I began learning how to apply Biblical principles to my daily life. When faced with sometimes difficult choices, I had something by which to steer my course. And, I have never regretted my decision, nor felt that I missed out on things because of it.

However, without any formal training through church teachings, I stumbled a lot early on. But, I kept going, kept seeking, to know more of God and His ways. Eventually, I found a few churches, programs, and individuals who demonstrated the true nature of the loving God I have come to know. And, I expect to keep learning about the ways of my God until I leave this earth.

One of the things that frustrates me sometimes is that there are so many people who do not know or believe in God. And, since there is a commission given in the Bible to every believer, to spread the Gospel (i.e. Good News), I continually look for ways I can share (witness) about the wonderfulness of the God I’ve come to know.

The thing about being a true witness in a court of law is that you must give what’s known as “eye-witness” testimony—what you have seen or heard with your own eyes and ears. So, that’s what I am going to do here…share some of the things that I have personally experienced in the development of my faith.

Personal Observations
A rather odd observation came to my mind one day, as I watched my cat groom himself. The thought suddenly occurred to me, a person with a post-graduate degree, that I know there’s a God because cats wash the backs of their necks!20140527-065612-24972273.jpgThis may seem foolish to you, or to a scientist, who would say that natural selection or some other force produced this behavior. But this is the only part of the body that the cat can’t see, yet he washes it nonetheless, even though the survival of cats as a species probably doesn’t depend on that behavior.

Something else I observed in nature also testified to me the existence of an intelligent Creator as the source of the universe. The first time I actually saw this was while snorkeling around a large coral reef in Roatan, while on a cruise. Different sections of the reef were each composed of varying patterns and beautiful bright colors. And, darting in and out from each distinct section, were fish whose details and colorations matched each respective section exactly. A blue-green section with yellow dots held fish with blue-green sides and yellow dots. There were dozens of different patterns, perhaps hundreds, each with matching fish.

Then on another trip, to a large public aquarium this time, I observed a living reef display which repeated the same phenomena. And, the structural details of the fish matched the structures of their surroundings. One fish actually looked like a section of sea foliage. The variety of shapes and colors and patterns was astounding. And, I remember the thought crossed my mind that God created variety in nature for the sheer enjoyment of its beauty!

An observation that stemmed from this was that God created varieties of races for the same reason. He loves variety!

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