Clutter Monster Diaries, Part 2

This is the progress report for Day 2, in my bold plan to dismantle the invasive “Clutter Monster” that has insidiously taken up residence in my home. Although it took years for the relentless “Monster” to develop, the work of de-cluttering seems to be off to a good start.

I neglected to mention earlier that this ugly specter began after a series of traumatic events in my life. First, I was in a rollover car accident thirteen years ago, and endured three back surgeries and an appendectomy. I developed severe back pain and neuropathy in one arm and both legs. Next, I lost the tip of my left index finger in a work accident. Finally, a series of deaths, and one near-death, of people very close to me occurred. All of these things combined to leave me in a state of serious depression.

Where I once had a career, and competently took care of business, both professionally and personally, I instead found myself unable to keep up with even the smallest of tasks. I woke up day after day, feeling too overwhelmed to accomplish anything, and the “Clutter Monster” grew to an unmanageable size. My sleep patterns suffered; I lost weight; and I basically dropped out of my life. Later, I underwent three angioplasties and things got more out of hand.

Seemingly endless trips to doctors and therapists swallowed up several years of my life. Yet, slowly, almost imperceptibly, my physical and emotional healing began to occur, due to my sheer will to survive, I suppose.

So now, I want to clear away the debris, and make a new start, at the ripe old age of 62. That sounds really old, but it doesn’t seem as old as it sounds. I finally woke up and realized that I would never again feel like I did in my thirties, forties and fifties. But, I could and would feel “good”again, enjoying and engaging in the life around me. So that ugly and intrusive and oppressive “Clutter Monster” now has to go!

Here are the before and after photos of Day 2 in the war.





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