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Pandora’s Guns Everywhere in Georgia

I was appalled to hear that the state of Georgia passed a bill into law that expands the availability of guns in that state. Georgia’s new “Guns Everywhere” law expands the rights of gun owners to, what I believe are unsafe levels. I am all for the rights that are guaranteed to American citizens by […]

The Bond Between Children and Animals

Our loving God created companions for us, with personalities…and completely unfeigned affections… . Their fur and feathers, purrs whinnies, yips and coos, soothe and comfort us, deep within our loneliest recesses. And their unconditional love mirrors to us the love of God! Music hath charms to soothe… Lost in thought, with a friend Ah, girls […]

Feed Your Faith

The Housework Blues

Sad Cat Diary (video)

Sad Cat Diary You-Tube Video A montage of adorable kitties bemoaning their humorously horrible, or horribly humorous, predicaments!

Mom’s Lame Memes

Having operated computers since the early nineties, I considered myself, at 62, to be fairly proficient. However, my first introduction to memes was through my grown, and very tech-savvy daughter. I had often heard her use that term, and finally asked her one day what it meant. After giving me a simple explanation, she then […]

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner (reblog)

from larkandbloom This blog is not serving it’s purpose if I am ever anything but honest. Many of your lives are different from mine – politically, romantically, geographically and in our religious views. I really enjoy that about this space and try to mindful of that every time I sit down to type. This isn’t […]

Insomni-Cats 3

Captions are original. Photos are not. Gina Quinn Medicine Woman + acute insomnia = cute Insomni-Cats!

Insomni-Cats 2

I love to play around with meme-making software, during my frequent bouts with insomnia, including Mematic and Kabaam, from the AppStore. (Captions are original. Photos are not.)

Surviving Each Day (reblog)

From The Single Mama I don’t remember if I brushed my teeth today. Most days are like that now. My last few posts have sounded sententious but really, I’m a newbie mom and I have no clue if what I’m doing is going to scar my son for life or create a genius, or neither. […]

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It’s an OCC-OCC-OCD World! (April 2014)

It’s that time of year again: time for spring cleaning. Ugh! I know Spring sprang on us in March, but the weather was late in changing this year. So, I feel perfectly justified in having delayed the start of this traditional marathon ordeal until now. This past winter took its toll in my battle with […]

Signs You Might Be a Hoarder

Who, me? Like many people, I have enjoyed watching some of the many TV shows which feature sensationalized looks into the deep interior recesses of the homes and minds of individuals known as “compulsive hoarders.” However, not until recently, did I ever dream that I had drifted, ever-so-slowly, down that slippery slope myself. First, it […]