It’s an OCC-OCC-OCD World! (March 2014)


20140302-090259.jpgSunday, March 2, 2014 It’s 7:30, and I’ve been up (after only 3 hrs.) since 5 am, when my husband left for work. He’s working 7-10’s, so he has no trouble sleeping. I, on the other hand, can’t seem to maintain a normal sleep schedule. For two or three nights, I’ll sleep eight hours a night, if you can call tossing my feet in and out of the covers all night sleeping! But then, the next night, peevish insomnia sets in again.

It was 78 degrees yesterday, and my tulip tree and redbud trees are in full bloom! It’s nice, after so many nights in the 20’s and 30’s. The waxy blooms have a soft, sweet scent, like perfume. Robins, bluebirds, and squirrels are everywhere. We’ve even had a visiting armadillo, aerating our lawn each night, for the past week or so!

20140302-092317.jpgI guess we’ll have to contact the extension service to get a catch & release trap, since a majority of Louisiana and Texas armadillos are known to be carriers of leprosy. Contrary to popular belief, leprosy is difficult to contract. I’m glad to know that. But, I guess I’ll have to start wearing my gardening gloves, instead of bare-handing it when I work in the yard, just in case.

Sunday, March 9, 2014 Today begins Daylight Savings Time, here in Louisiana. That just means that I have one less hour to play Words with Friends, as I burn the midnight battery power on my iPad Air.

I’m going to have to re-do my front yard landscaping this year, since the hard freezes we’ve had this winter, in southern Louisiana, have wreaked havoc on a lot of my perennials. I Googled seed companies and found my favorites, but the prices have skyrocketed since the last time I remember ordering from a catalog, sometime in the mid-nineties!

20140310-053641.jpgMy usual Bi-polar OCD pattern for ordering from gardening catalogs is that I excitedly create a wish list, and either never send for the items I spend hours laboriously picking out, or I send for the beautiful plants, but the poor things never seem to make it into the ground, because my manic ordering phase inevitably fades, long before the hapless “Rush” order ever arrives.

I do foresee another potential problem with this year’s landscaping plan: I also intend to give the interior of my house a thorough spring cleaning and re-painting. That’s the trouble with us obsessive types. We come up with grandiose plans, but as a result of the bi-polar cycling, the depressive state usually swoops on in rather quickly, due to the stress of being confronted with the overwhelming number of tasks envisioned during the manic blitz. Plan. Slump. Then, fret over my inaction. Not a good system, to day the least!

I have started something that may help me tackle several problems at once (i.e. insomnia, landscaping, spring cleaning, painting). My daughter has recently begun an ambitious diet and exercise regimen. Like many people (and members of the animal kingdom), she has spent the last couple of winters loading up on various comfort foods, because there’s something about cold weather that makes one want to load up on fat and carbs, to keep warm and make long winters’ naps more comfy-cozy. But, that leaves her about 20-25 pounds overweight in the spring. So, she really gets serious and sheds those extra pounds in a jiffy, through a serious strategy of dietary restriction and intensive exercise. To improve my stamina, and hopefully, my ability to sleep at night like normal folks, I joined her yesterday in her exercise regimen, though at a less strenuous pace. I am, after all, thirty years older than her!

Monday, March 10, 2014 I’m not off to a really great start with my exercise plan. I exercised one day, then, took a day off yesterday. Maybe all is not lost, though. A friend of mine on Facebook invited anyone who was interested, to start walking with her at the track of the local high school, two afternoons a week. I jumped at the chance, and volunteered. Tomorrow is supposed to be our first day. I hope I don’t wimp out at the last minute. I’d better pick out what I intend to wear today, to get that potentially deal-breaking hurdle out of the way!

20140310-075106.jpgFirst though, I need to take a nap, since I only slept 2 hrs. last night. I feel perfectly entitled, since, after all, it’s National Nap Day! Isn’t that convenient! It’s also National Awesome Day, and I think starting my day with a nap is perfectly awesome! (Spoken like a true insomniac.)

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