It’s an OCC-OCC-OCD World! (January 2014)

20140125-061651.jpgFriday, January 24, 2014. It’s a nippy 29 degrees, with sleet covering everything, here in Louisiana. I’m bundled up in my robe & slippers, and I have my bathroom faucet dripping, to keep the pipes from freezing. I sure hope that works, because we have another 24 hours or so of this!

My poor checkbook has still not quite recovered from the Christmas holidays. (I accumulated two overdrafts this month. Oops!) I’ve always done the bulk of my shopping at the last minute, telling myself that it adds to the excitement of the season. Since I’m a chronic procrastinator, that delus…., er—I mean, preference, fits my proclivities quite well. However, I have very recently developed an ever-so-slight aversion to shopping. (Wait! Did I just say that!)

This aversion is very unlike me. Normally one of those “shop-til-you-drop” people, I once spent six hours in Walmart, picking out fabric remnants, and two storage boxes for them, for a total of three hundred dollars! (See what I mean about being compulsive!) The only problem is, I only sew about once every ten to twenty years, for about 24 hours straight!

Anyway, since my checkbook and I have acquired this strange shopping aversion, we have avoided venturing out until absolutely necessary. For example, our toilet paper stores were running dangerously low, and both the front and back porch lights were burned out. My poor toothpaste tube looked like it had been run over by a herd of stampeding elephants, and our house-bound cats were getting panicky, as their food canister had begun echoing menacingly when shaken. But, with everything glazed over outside, and authorities warning everyone to avoid driving around on the treacherous roadways, I can put off shopping for a couple more days, at least. (Phew!)

I should be getting ready to do our taxes. But, being the great procrastinator that I am, I still haven’t sorted through the assorted boxes, and piles of receipts, that I’ve been busy accumulating since last year. And, It would actually be rude to start working on them since I have company. One of my three younger brothers, a retired snowbird from Indiana, is visiting for a week. We’ve been watching movies, and dozens of TV shows about cars: how to repair them, and how to customize or restore them. He’s a self-taught master shade-tree mechanic, with a true gift. If a vehicle has a mechanical problem, he can find the problem in record time, and fix it pronto. Right now, he has people lined up in three states with vehicle malfunctions for him to fix. (So much for retirement!)

I’m still struggling with my old pal Insomnia. It’s so bad, it has started affecting the whole household, including my brother, who is only a guest, and purely an innocent bystander. Everyone is now on a different schedule. We are now sleeping in shifts. When one person goes to bed, another is just getting up. Sometimes, there’s a little bit of overlap, though, with two people sleeping at roughly the same time, but usually it’s not at night, when normal folks do such things. Consequently, there’s always someone wandering around the house at odd hours, slightly dazed, and carrying around a cup of freshly brewed (or freshly-nuked) coffee!

I’d like to blame the insomnia thing on my husband. (Not really!) It’s still a couple of years until he plans to retire. So, he gets up at 3:30 am, leaves for work at 4:30 am, gets home at 4:30 pm, and takes a two-and-a-half-hour nap, usually from 6-8:30. That sets the whole topsy-turvy sleep thing rolling for me. We eat supper around 8:30 or 9 pm. Then, he goes back to bed, and I’m wound up, wishing we had more time together. So, I end up still being awake when he gets up the next morning at 3:30, just to have a little more time with him. But, then I end up sleeping, from around 7 am til about 3 pm. So, I’m neither tired when he comes home & takes his nap, nor am I ready to sleep at bedtime. And the vicious cycle of sleeplessness begins again. And, on the weekend when he has his only day off, I end up having to sleep through the day then, as well. He’s pretty good-natured about it, though, like he is about most things nowadays, probably because he gets enough sleep!

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