The Brotherhood of Christians, Jews and Muslims

What many don’t realize is that Christians, Jews and Muslims are all brothers, created by the one true God and father of us all. The Muslims are descendants of Abraham’s first-born son, Ishmael, the child born of Abraham’s extra-marital union with Hagar, who stood in for Abraham’s previously-barren wife, Sarah. The Jews are descendants of Abraham’s and Sarah’s union, which produced Isaac, from whom the Jews are descended. Christians are the product of salvation from Yeshua (Jesus), Himself a Jew. The salvation purchased by the shed Blood of Yeshua (Jesus) is for ALL humans, who have ALL been created by God, in His image. (He is not a monkey, by the way! Sorry, evolutionists!) When we accept and confess that we are ALL sinners, and ask Yeshua (Jesus) to forgive our sins and to come into our hearts, we are saved from the penalty of our sins (the penalty being death), and become heirs of salvation, are “born again,” and have eternal life (after our mortal death). We are commanded to FORGIVE ONE ANOTHER AS WE HAVE BEEN FORGIVEN!

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