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Is it Still Abuse if…? (PG-13)

In my personal experience as one who was sexually abused, I experienced inappropriate touching only. There are some, even in my own family, who would consider this not to be as serious an assault as a completed act of intercourse. They would be wrong. The physical act of stimulation awakened sexuality in me for the […]


I’m a confirmed App-aholic, and have been since I got my first computer about 18 years ago. I’ve always gotten a peculiar thrill from clicking the “Download” button, and then awaiting my gift to myself. So much free stuff! A really cheap thrill! It’s the same with my iPhone. I’ve loaded my 3g phone with […]

It Smells Like Cabbage!

It became a family joke to ridicule my rather odd sense of humor, after I once tried to one-up someone’s description of how bad something smelled, by saying, “It smells like cabbage!” and immediately erupting into riotous laughter, complete with tears streaming down my face, at something NO one else found funny. (I stillthink it […]

God, You’re Such a Freak (reblog)

Originally posted on Little Growing Pains:
“Psst. Over here.” I glanced furtively to my left. Jamie was one row over, dangling a folded square of paper over the edge of her desk. A note. How could I grab it without attracting the attention of my math teacher, the man whose sporadic, jerky movements had caused…

It’s an OCC-OCC-OCD World! (November 2013)

Saturday, November 2, 2013. It’s 2:30 am, and I have been up for two days and two nights, working on my blog, reading my blog to any unsuspecting friends and family members who happen to venture too closely, and compulsively checking for badge notifications on my Words with Friends app. It’s been exhilarating, but this […]

How I Taught My 6 Year Old to Swim in One Afternoon, While I Kept High and Dry!

Have you ever tried to get your young child to enjoy spending time in the water? Reactions can be varied, with some children taking to it almost immediately—splashing and laughing, they cry when they have to get out. Others respond to being placed in the water by screaming and struggling, desperate for escape. Well, one […]

Autobiography • Chapter 2 “I Ponder the Mysteries of Life and Death”

One of my earliest summer memories is of a picnic in our front yard. (Wasn’t my mother creative in finding ways to entertain five small children?) I recall asking my then 28-year-old mother what things were like “in the olden days” when she was a little girl, asking her if she’d ever ridden in a […]