Cat Co-conspirators

Here are Buttons and Tiny, who are always willing to pose for “the mad app-aholic!”


20131027-084206.jpgButtons (feral neutered male)

20131027-084446.jpgTiny (feral spayed female)

20131027-084752.jpgCat-napping Insomnicats (keep me company, in shifts, during my long insomni-nights!)

Feral Cats
Feral cats are interesting and intelligent creatures, and mine are no exception. Offspring of cats who have lived in the woods for generations, Buttons and his little niece, Tiny, for example, like to play a game we call, “Go Get-it! Go get the paperball!” They will repeatedly chase, capture, and retrieve the unceremoniously crumpled and thrown paper scraps, until you tire of the game. “You Can’t Find Me” is another favorite, played with human companions, and usually in combination with “Now that I’ve Found You, You Can’t Catch Me!”

And my cat, Buttons, has a rather extensive vocabulary for a feline. He knows and responds to: “Treat!” “Sit in the window.” “Get in the kitty-house.” “Get in the paper bag.” “Get down!” “Come go to bed with me.” “Heeere Buttons!” “You caaan’t find me!” and “Get in the house!”

That last game is played every time the lady who cleans my house lets him dart between her legs, making his weekly break to the front lawn. Once there, he morphs into a crazed animal, hissing and spitting at anyone who comes near, who tries to shoo him back into the house. Come to think of it, Buttons seems a pretty innocuous name for the ferocious feline he becomes, in his brief escapes to “the wild!”

It’s not so much that he doesn’t want to go back in. He readily races for the door when told to “Get in the house!” It’s more a reaction of utter terror, because everything in this foreign environment is strange to him. Humans just become part of the terrible expanse of this strange and unknown planet into which he’s carelessly flung himself!

It’s kind of like what I imagine goes through the mind of a skydiver, each time they jump out of a perfectly good airplane. I imagine them thinking, just for a split second, “What did I just do??? But then, they think, “Well, now that I’m here, I may as well enjoy myself, because I might die!”

I think Buttons is like that; I’m pretty sure he enjoys himself in spite of the terror. At least that’s what his defiantly upright tail tells me as he struts back into the familiarity of my living room, where I’m sure he’s convinced that he rules as “king of the jungle”!

Aw! l was talking about him, and look! He looks so cute sprawled there! I just had to caption this pic!


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